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Traveling? Brings these oils with you!

Essential oils are becoming a popular alternative in the world of personal wellness. Many health-conscious men and women tend to go back to the fundamentals of nature, making aromatherapy one of the fastest-growing fields in alternative medicine.

Essential oils are thought to have some rather powerful medicinal and therapeutic results. Many individuals use them at home daily, so it’s no wonder you don’t want to give that up when going on a trip.



If your travel plans include airplanes, airports and flying, know that you can only take what will fit into the one quart-sized zip lock bag for liquids in your carry-on ². All carry-on fluids must be under 100 mL each, and as a total be shown in the clear 1-quart plastic bag when going through security. This clear plastic bag allows for 1 quart (= around 946 mL) of liquids in your carry-on, divided up between any liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, or pastes you may also wish to carry with you. Discount airlines may have stricter rules ³.

No issues are travelling with oils since most bottles are 10 ml – 30 ml in size.

For most carefree use while on-the-go, pack personal inhalers or rollers to carry in your purse or carry-on luggage.

In your checked luggage, you can have as many oils as you wish or need. There are no further restrictions in regards to amounts, size, or total amounts for the checked bag(s). I have a zippered case, and I travel with up to 30 oils in my checked luggage at any given time.


Therapeutic essential oils may enhance the mind, body and soul in addition to attitude and emotions. While travelling, you need support in all those areas.


Lavender is an essential oil that every household should have on hand as it is a universal oil that you can use in many ways, even when away from home.

Many individuals are using lavender oil in different areas of their life already. It truly is one of the most versatile essential oils available, and many call it the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils.  It is suitable for just about anything, from soothing skin after sun exposure, to sleep and relaxation, or first aid on minor cuts and bruises. Use lavender in a carrier oil for a soothing back massage to aid pain and inflammation. Lavender also helps keep bugs away, and you can use it in a DIY bug repellent spray.


Peppermint essential oil is a very fresh oil that you can use to combat nausea, seasickness or motion sickness. It can also increase mood and energy. Inhaling essential oils are thought to provide both physical and mental advantages – so take a quick sniff straight out of the bottle or via your nasal inhaler to uplift your spirits or make your tummy feel less queasy. You can also use Peppermint topically to fight headaches that may arise during travel or because of the tiredness that comes with jet lag or a change in time zones.

Peppermint essential oil is a high oil to bring in a roll-on bottle or personal inhaler instead of in its original essential oil orifice dropper bottle. Roller bottles allow for safe, quick and easy application, especially when treating a headache.


Travelling can be tough on the skin, so I like to pack an extra dose of Frankincense essential oil to add to my nightly skincare and facial care routine. It protects your skin and gently encourages healthy skin cell production. Further, if you tend to get nervous or anxious during travel, Frankincense can also calm the spirits and aid you in feeling more grounded and secure while away from home. Some people also swear by Frankincense essential oil for headaches – whether you have stress-related, tension headaches, or a full-blown migraine.


Tea tree essential oil is usable in a lot of diverse ways. It can aid in cases of bug bites or infections from scrapes or cuts. It’s also an excellent remedy for acne, pimples and blackheads that may appear due to travel-related stressors such as dry air, indoor air, or too much caffeine. Tea tree essential oil also supports a healthy immune system. Use it as preventative maintenance and inhale to keep your resistant protection firing at full force while possibly being exposed to crowded rooms or confined small spaces.


To complete your set of top 5 essential oils for travel, I recommend you include a citrus essential oil. There are a few options to pick based on your travel personality and need. Take Lemon because it is detoxifying and uplifting, and you can use it to disinfect and clean any surfaces you’re about to touch where you might be worried about the spreading of germs. Bring Orange for aiding belly aches and indigestion and alleviating nervousness.

If you’re travelling to a sunny destination, be aware that citrus oils are phototoxic, so please ensure NO sun exposure within 24 hours of applying a citrus oil topically.

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