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  • Reed Diffusers

    Reed diffusers are an easy way to add fragrance to a room, and popular in the home fragrance market for many reasons. They’re practical and ext...
  • 10 Things Only Candle-Lovers Understand


     A room does not feel complete without at least one lit candle.
  • 10 Candle Facts you probably didn't know about.

      10 Candle Facts you Didn't Know About 1. YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN (AND STILL ARE^^) BURNING YOUR NICE CANDLES INCORRECTLY The first burn tim...
  • Proud to now ship our candles with Sendle! A Carbon Neutrality Delivery.

    The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero-carbon footprint.
  • Traveling? Brings these oils with you!

    If you’re travelling to a sunny destination, be aware that citrus oils are phototoxic, so please ensure NO sun exposure within 24 hours of applying a citrus oil topically.
  • Simply Earth Essential Oil - Gives 13% of our profits go to help end human trafficking

    13% of our profits go to help end human trafficking.

    Check Out The Organizations We Support

    Each month we highlight one organization so that you can get involved.

  • How to Use Essential Oils Safely with your Cats

    Cats are very sensitive to essential oils. But, when used correctly, they can help support your cat’s overall wellness.

  • Happy Joy Essential Oil - Happy Joy Foot Bath

    HAPPY JOY FOOT BATH   INGREDIENTS: 1 tbsp carrier oil ½ cup of sea salt ½ cup Epsom salt 3-6 drops Happy Joy Essential Oil Blend Stainless ste...