Currently Shipped items w FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50 (one delivery address per order, please) | With. each candle purchase we partner with the Yuma Community Food Bank (valued 15 meals) Thank you for making a difference.

Candles with a Cause

Yuma Community Food Bank

We choose to help those who are food insecure, right here in our own hometown.  With each candle sold we help feed 15 people in Yuma!  Who is in need of food? Veterans, single parents, working families that just have enough money to purchase enough food after utilities and bills are paid. Retired generation.  Thank you for making a difference!

If you need help making a Food Donation or Financial Donation Call: (928) 343-1243
*Ask how you can donate your produce for a tax credit. Don't let the fruit on your trees go to waste.