FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50 (one delivery address per order, please) | With. each candle purchase we partner with the Yuma Community Food Bank (valued 15 meals) Thank you for making a difference.



Redemption Candle Co is excited to partner with you and your organization to assist you in raising funds. We are thrilled in helping groups like yours raise money. Our candle fundraising opportunities are easy and flexible to help you raise the most money possible. Complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Please fill out the form below. You can contact us at 1.928.941.3070

Yay, we are excited to help you raise money for your Cause.

Include the following information: 

1. Organization Name
2. How much you are trying to raise?
3. When you need it by (Dates you want to wanting to have your fundraiser)
4. Fundraiser will run 2 weeks.
5. How many people will be selling.
Are you exempt from Sales Tax?  If you are not exempt from sales tax we will have to charge your customers sales tax. We can  build it into the sale of your candle.


Must be Non Profit - Tax exempt

How much money are you trying to earn?

Contact us today to get your fundraiser planned and on our calendars. 

Currently Booking Fundraiser dates for:

January 2021- available
February 2021 -available