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Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are an easy way to add fragrance to a room, and popular in the home fragrance market for many reasons. They’re practical and extremely easy to use. Here’s how: Just add reed diffuser oil to a glass bottle or vase and tuck in a dozen diffuser reeds. Flip the reeds over so that the wet reeds are exposed to the air. (If you are sensative to strong scents, start with 4-5 reeds.  The more you add, the stronger the smell. The reeds soak up the reed diffuser oil and the fragrance of your choice will scent the air. The scent is more reliable than scented candles because it’s 24/7. As long as the reeds are turned over occasionally, their cell structure...

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10 Candle Facts you probably didn't know about.

  10 Candle Facts you Didn't Know About 1. YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN (AND STILL ARE^^) BURNING YOUR NICE CANDLES INCORRECTLY The first burn time of a candle is the most important. The first time you light a candle, you have to let it burn long enough. The whole top layer of the wax has to become liquid and that takes several hours depending on the size of your candle. If you do not do this, then your candle will not burn evenly. 2. HOW TO BURN YOUR CANDLE WAX EVENLY Heed the following guidelines and you'll get way more mileage out of your favorite candles. Trim the wick. Every. ... Let the wax melt all the way across. Once your...

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