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10 Things Only Candle-Lovers Understand

If you know the difference between a Bath and Body Works, Anthropology, and a Yankee Candle candle, if you could walk into a room and tell that a Vanilla and Pine candle is burning, and if you can suggest five different candles for every holiday, then this is an article for you. All candle lovers can relate in this list of nine things only candle lovers understand.

1. Incense, wax burners, and any other candle substitute will never be the same.

2. A room does not feel complete without at least one lit candle.



Even if everything is clean and in its place, without a lit candle, something just feels a bit off.

3. You only go candle shopping if you have hours of free time.

4. You 100% believe in the magical abilities of aromatherapy.


The correct candle can cure a headache, stress, sinuses, oh and anything else you can imagine.


5. Each room in your house has a specific scent.

6. You can walk into a house and determine exactly what scent the candles they have are.

7. You're a total candle snob.



You know the right places to go and what smells good/bad, anyone who thinks otherwise is irrelevant.

8. You know the perfect candle for every mood, season, and event.

9. You are only truly relaxed when you have a candle lit.



10. Candles don't just make your house smell good, they relax you, clear your head, and complete your life.


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